Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Phalon Cavalry

finally have my Phalon cavalry. The beasts are from ERM. They are part of their Lizardmen range. Mounting the Phalon on to these beasties is an absolute doddle!
Cut and file away the Phalon stand, gently spread the legs a little, not to much, and then glue to the Raptor's back. Then with a little Milliput/greenstuff add a saddle. Job done!

What next for the Phalon?

The addition of a large quadraped to carry the shield generator and heavy weapons.
At this moment in time I haven't found anything that looks suitable other than a Krootox beasty, which is a little wasteful considering the kroot rider will end up in the bin!



Leutenant Brittan said...


Great bit of conversion work there!

Have you looked at the Magister Militum range of 10mm scale dinosaurs:


Although they are a smaller scale they may have some useful stuff that would do in 15mm!

spasSGII said...

I had a look at the Magister Militum initially. I'd like to see them in comparison and see how the meet up size wise with the Phalon.


This is a very nice looking unit, good job.